Character Code Templates


Copy and paste the below table in the Description field for your pilot. These tables are designed after the HOTAC character sheets. In the future, I may do one for each ship to make this that much easier.

Once pasted, replace the values in the fields as follows:

  • Change X-Wing to the appropriate ship
  • Change PilotName to your Name
  • Change PilotCallsign to your Callsign
  • Replace all # signs with the proper value according to your pilot skill and ship. New pilots start at 2.

table{border:1px solid black}.
|||||Pilot Skill:|#||
|||# ATK|# EV|# HULL|# SH|
|Actions:|Focus, Target Lock|
|Mod PS1:|| Ept PS3:||||
|Mod PS4:|| Ept PS5:||||
|Mod PS6:|| Ept PS7:||||
|Mod PS8:|| Ept PS9:||||


Copy and paste the below table to track your XP gained per mission and XP spent at the Quartermaster.

table{border:1px solid black}.
|XP Log||
|Total XP:|5|
|+5 XP| Starter Ship|

Character Code Templates

TTS-HOTAC Steve_V Steve_V