Campaign House Rules

Modified HOTAC Rules

Extra Munitions – For purposes of this campaign, treat the upgrade as modification. It may also fit normally in the torpedo slot if the ship has room.

Squad Leader – The free Squad Leader EPT now reads, “Action: Choose 1 ship at Range 1-2 that has an equal or lower pilot skill than you. The chosen ship may immediately perform 1 free action.”

Improved Tactics – Tractor beam and attacks that ionize the target count towards kill assists.

Draw Attention – A pilot that uses Bigg’s ability and takes at least 1 damage gains +1 XP. This is limited to once per round.


New Game Rules

Supply Line – Pilots may trade in any non-starter ship or upgrade/modification card between missions for their full price. The XP is immediately added to the pilot’s XP pool and may be used as normal. This does not apply to Rebel Pilot abilities.

Rebel Pilot Retraining - see the Rebel Pilot Training page for more information.

Hit and Run – To prevent Imperial scanners from picking up Rebel squadrons, there may only be a single large ship piloted by the pilots per mission. This ship will count as 2 players when counting the number of players.


New Ship Rules & Keywords

Rebel Hanger – Each pilot has been granted enough space in the Rebel Hanger for 2 ships. If purchasing a ship brings a pilot's total to 3 ships, he must choose one ship to trade-in or remove.

Koensayr Discount – Grants +3XP when purchasing upgrades or modifications for the ship with this attribute. This XP may not be used for any other reason and may not be shared with other ships in the pilot’s hanger.

Sublight Drive – The K-Wing does not come equipped with a hyperdrive and may not complete the Jump to Hyperspace action. When attempting to escape, the K-Wing must reach the escape edge, where a CR-90 Corvette provides it hyperspace transport.


Coming soon

Escort Starfighter -  Rebel engineers are secretly working with Freitek Inc. to develop a new ship classified as the E-Wing… (Coming soon!)

My Kind of Scum – Local pirates have begun to aid the Rebellion but are unwillingly to assist in operations. Some Scum ships and abilities are available for purchase (On Deck)

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Campaign House Rules

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