Raxle "Tyrant" Vitak

The Defector

Ship: Y-Wing Player: Steve
Callsign: Tyrant
Pilot Skill: 4
2 ATK 1 EV 5 HULL 3 SH
Actions: Focus, Target Lock
Astromech: R2 Astromech Turret Slot: Twin Laser Turret
Bomb: Cluster Mines
Mod PS1:Experimental Interface Ept PS3: Predator
Mod PS4: Ept PS5:
Mod PS6: Ept PS7:
Mod PS8: Ept PS9:
Total XP: 65
+5 XP Starter Ship
+3 XP Koensayer Discount
+1 XP Profile
+9 XP Local Trouble
+14 XP Tread Softly
+3 XP Political Escort
+18 XP Den of Thieves
+12 Rescue Rebel Operatives
Total XP: 38
-6 XP PS 3
-8 XP PS 4
-6 XP Twin laser turret
-3 XP Experimental Interface
-1 XP R2 Astromech
-6 XP Predator
-4 XP Engine Upgrade
-4 XP Cluster Mines

Originally an Imperial Pilot, Raxle ran countless sorties for the Empire ranging from patrol work to assaulting targets. While on a patrol around a mining colony near the Kuat shipyards, Rebel forces surprised the Imperials by performing a hyperspace landing as close to the base as they could. The base was caught completely off guard, suffering damage to critical equipment inside and causing the Empire a considerable setback.

When his patrol squadron docked with a nearby Star Destroyer, his squad was reprimanded for not fighting off the Rebel invasion. Knowing full well his squadron would have had no chance and the ineptitude of his superior office, he began to plan his defection. Due to the incident, he was reassigned to Nulan IV where he would be expected to do air and space patrol, “for all eternity.”

Eventually, Raxle would meet a local Rebel agent while off-duty which led to him joining the local resistance.

Raxle "Tyrant" Vitak

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